MIX (Member Idea Exchange)

Member Voices Matter

We Run on Your Ideas

We're a member-owned credit union. So, naturally, we turn to you, the members, and ask for your input – what products do you seek? What services do you want? Is there anything BECU isn't doing that we could?

That's where the MIX comes in – a Member Idea Exchange community that actively solicits feedback from you, our members. Encouraging an open dialogue between members and BECU is the true spirit of a cooperative, all working together for a better credit union, and for each other.

The Comment Card, Upgraded

We designed the MIX forum solely for the purpose of gaining member input, feedback and inspiration. Having a dedicated virtual space, rather than just a comment box or suggestion email, allows for a back-and-forth of ideas from you, to us, and back to you again. It's also more transparent: You can see that we received your feedback, and even view others' input to your idea, as well as interact with the ideas of others in the MIX community. We're looking to you to tell us what's most important. 

We're Listening

There's no end to the methods we use to check in with members – surveys, polls, events and even an annual member summit. The reason is simple – we're a member-owned credit union and, we need to hear from you, So. What do you want? Tell us.  

Joining is easy:

  • Visit the MIX website (tip: while you're there, add it to your favorites)

  • Register by clicking the big aqua register button on the homepage

  • Start talking! 

You Have the Power

Give us your ideas, ask questions and weigh in others' ideas, too. We hope you'll use the MIX as a meeting place, chatting with fellow members and letting us know what you think of suggested initiatives. Perhaps a concept can be adjusted to meet the needs of more members – let us know! Or maybe a suggested activity could be better served elsewhere – we want you to keep it real with us. The more you tell us, the more we can better serve you.

Tell Me What I Can Do.

  • Can I comment? Absolutely.

  • Can I make suggestions? Please do!

  • Can I get a preview of what's coming down the pipeline? Yes! You'll get sneak peeks of what's to come.

  • Will I be considered for pilot/beta participation? Sure. We'd love to use our MIX participants for early releases.