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Member Advantage Checking & Saving

Member Advantage Checking and Saving accounts reward you with a premium rate on the first $500. With Member Advantage, you'll also enjoy better earnings on CD, IRA and Money Market Accounts. What's more, members with our Member Advantage account holders are refunded for out-of-network ATM fees (up to $6 a month).

Member Advantage Features and Benefits

  • Earn a higher rate on the first $500 in both the Member Advantage Checking and Saving*
  • No monthly fees or minimum balances needed to maintain the accounts
  • Refunded out-of-network ATM withdrawal fees (up to $6 a month)**
  • Earn higher interest rates on CDsIRAs and Money Market Accounts. 
  • Free Online Banking, Bill Payment and eStatements
  • Debit Mastercard® with Fraud Monitoring Protection
  • Federally insured up to $250,000***

Here's How to Qualify for Member Advantage:****

  1. Join BECU and open your BECU Member Advantage checking and saving account

  2. Sign up to receive monthly eStatements

  3. Make a transaction each month, using just one of our free and convenient electronic services

Electronic Services:

  • Debit Mastercard®: Make purchases online, over the phone and in person

  • Online Banking or Telephone Banking: Make BECU loan or Visa® payments, or transfer funds between BECU accounts

  • Bill Payment: Pay utilities, credit cards, businesses, or individuals

  • Direct Deposit: Receive a recurring monthly direct deposit from your paycheck or other monthly income into your BECU checking account

Need more information? Make and appointment to visit any BECU Neighborhood Financial Center, and we'll answer all of your questions.

*Limit one Member Advantage Checking and Saving Account per person.

**Refund of out-of-network ATM fees charged by the other financial institution on ATM withdrawals from a Member Advantage Savings, Member Advantage Checking or Member Advantage Money Market account.  Refund will be deposited into the Member Advantage account of withdrawal. A maximum of $6 per month will be refunded on the Member Advantage relationship and all associated Member Advantage accounts.  Account must be open and still considered Member Advantage at time of refund.  Refunds processed daily and may take up to three days due to cut-off and posting times.

***Based on account ownership status and account type

****Member Advantage eligibility and benefits subject to change. Business and fiduciary accounts are not eligible for Member Advantage. Limit one Member Advantage Checking and Savings account per person.