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Whether you've just started your first job or you're just around the corner from retiring, we can help you create a personal retirement plan portfolio.

We'll help identify your funding resources, develop a savings and investment plan and tailor investments to help produce the levels of income you'll need. If you're retired, approaching retirement or are still years away, Financial Advisors** at BECU Investment Services can create personalized strategies to address your current and future needs.

Planning for Retirement

How much money will you need to retire comfortably? Do you have a plan? Will your money last throughout your retirement? Financial advisors can help you project the amount you may need to save towards your goal and plot your next steps.

Nearing and Transitioning to Retirement

Did you know that in recent surveys, Americans are not saving enough for retirement? In the years leading up to retirement, you'll want to figure out when you can retire, determine how long your nest egg will last and the kind of lifestyle you might expect. We're here to get to know you and work to understand your goals so we can discover, plan, implement and monitor a financial plan and investment strategy that works for what matters most to you. Our disciplined process utilizes a five step plan to develop a complete financial framework for your future.

Retirement Solutions

  • Rollover IRA - If you're leaving a company, we can help you rollover your 401(K) into an IRA where you may have more flexibility around how you manage your savings.
  • Traditional IRA - An option for anyone under 70 ½ with earned income. Contributions grow tax-deferred until they're removed.
  • Roth IRA - Offers more flexibility than Traditional IRA around how and when money can be withdrawn. Unlike traditional IRAs, there's no Required Minimum Distribution when you turn 70 ½.
  • Weighing your 40lk,VIP, 403B Options at retirement - Should you take the cash out? Leave your money where it is? Or roll it into an IRA? We can explain your options and help you consider the benefits and limitations of various options.
  • Required Minimum Distributions - Mandatory distributions are required at age 70 1/2. We can help calculate what you need to do to help avoid tax penalties.
  • Cash flow analysis and income planning

Five Key Risks for a Successful Retirement

Risk 1: How long will I live?

It is clear that Americans are living longer than ever before.  As a result, your retirement assets must be structured to provide you with income for as long as you will need. Consulting with your financial advisor to create a strategy that provides for life, regardless of how long that may be, can help ensure that the length of your journey does not diminish its quality.

Risk 2: Will my income keep up with the cost of living?

Over a period of years, exposure to even moderate or low inflation rates can have a dramatic impact on your spending power.  Working with your financial advisor to turn your nest egg into a retirement paycheck can help you keep up with inflation and make sure it doesn't drag you off course.

Risk 3: How much will I pay for health care?

Strategy for addressing increasing health care expenses must be a key component of any retirement roadmap. Determine what investment and insurance vehicles can be best manage your health care risk to help ensure that whatever your future needs, you are confident in your ability to meet them.

Risk 4: How do I invest my money?

Asset allocation* is the process of dividing invested asset classes such as stocks, bonds, cash and real estate to help manage risk. Your financial advisor can help ensure that no single event or market downturn has the power to derail your retirement journey.

Risk 5: How much can I withdraw from savings?

Discussing your future income needs with your financial advisor can help you to get an idea of the expenses that lie ahead, both planned and unexpected. From there your advisor can map a strategy that may allow you to withdraw money when you want it while leaving enough in reserve to pay for emergency expenses and help ensure your assets don't run out too soon.

Direct access to local professionals

Once you retire, you'll need to effectively manage your withdrawals and expenses from your retirement savings. Financial Advisors can work with you to develop a detailed withdrawal plan and help to prepare for unexpected life events.

Read more about our team of knowledgeable and experienced advisors and contact any of us directly to set up your complimentary in-person consultation.

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*Asset Allocation can not guarantee a profit or protect against loss.

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