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Service fees charged on these account types can be offset based on checking account balances across one or multiple accounts.

See the Business Cash Management Account Services Disclosure for complete fee information.

To set up these services, get started with a Business Specialist.

Cash Management Account Services helps you to effectively manage your banking and the flow of funds into and out of your accounts. It allows you to automate routine transfers, eliminating the need to manually perform this function and reduce idle balances so that funds can be put to maximum use.

Business Analyzed Checking

What it does:

It helps streamline your deposit accounts: This service allows businesses to offset service charges using checking account balances across one or multiple accounts. In addition, it allows you to:

  • Save on cash management and other account service fees

  • Receive an earnings credit on all linked business analyzed checking accounts to offset fees for services provided throughout the month

  • Pay less in fees, courtesy of BECU's philosophy that offers better rates and charges fewer fees to our members

  • View detailed monthly statements reflecting eligible deposit services, fees incurred, average maintained balances, earnings allowance and more

  • Enjoy consolidated fees that are charged by the month rather than several individual fees

Zero Balance Accounts (ZBA)

What it does:

Simplifies your accounting, particularly for businesses with multiple locations or those needing to track accounts payable or receivables separately. A ZBA provides an effective way to manage daily activity in multiple accounts, and also enables you to:

  • Establish an account hierarchy by allowing multiple sub-accounts to roll up to a master account

  • Reduce overdrafts by automatically moving funds from the master account to the sub-accounts (maintaining the specified target balance)

  • Minimize excess balances in sub-accounts by consolidating funds each evening in the master account

  • Reset your sub-account balances to zero automatically (or a specified target balance) each evening

  • Track and monitor activity easily and efficiently in each sub-account

  • Eliminate time spent on manually funding sub-accounts with the automatic-transfer feature1

  • View detailed account statements showing each check or deposit, and clear audit trail on all transfer activity to and from each sub-account

Sweep Services

What it does:

  • Maximizes use of available cash. Opt to automatically pay down your line of credit or move the funds to an interest-earning account using excess balances. Need funds in your primary checking account? You can sweep funds from your line of credit or interest-earning account1 to your primary checking. Sweep Services also lets you:

  • Maximize use of available funds: You specify when money is moved between your primary account and your line of credit or interest-earning account

  • Transfer funds automatically when balances exceed, or fall short of, the primary account target balance (according to the transfer rules that you've defined)

  • Move funds to or from the primary account each evening when needed

  • Receive detailed monthly account statements recapping the day-to-day activity

To  set up these services, get started with a Business Specialist:

A Business Member Share Savings account is required to establish membership.