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Analyzed Checking

Offset service charge fees with credit earned on linked analyzed checking accounts.

With Analyzed Checking, you can offset service charges by using credits you earn on checking account balances, either for one or multiple accounts.

Features and Benefits

  • Save on cash management and other account service fees.
  • Receive an earnings credit on all linked business analyzed checking accounts to offset fees for services provided throughout the month.
  • View detailed monthly statements reflecting eligible deposit services, fees incurred, average maintained balances, earnings allowance and more.
  • Enjoy consolidated fees that are charged by the month rather than several individual fees.

How to Get Started

Connect with a Business Relationship Manager to get started.

A BECU Business Member Share Savings account is required to establish membership; not all will qualify. Refer to the BECU Business Cash Management Services Disclosure (PDF) for fee structure.

1 An analyzed checking account is required sweep services. A sweep relationship links a business analyzed checking account to a line of credit and/or a deposit account.