Collage of members, Power in People

Introducing Power in People

Learn how our latest marketing campaign has come to life and hear the unique stories of the members we’re featuring.

BECU was founded in 1935, initially as a credit union to serve the financial needs of employees of the Boeing Company. Years later, we expanded operations to be able to serve anyone who lived in Washington state. Today, our reach is even broader to include eligibility for anyone in the Pacific Northwest.

Beginning in 2006, BECU embarked on a journey to introduce our brand to more people. We did so by sharing the experiences and images of our members, and by celebrating the difference a credit union can make in their lives. Over the years, we've continued to draw inspiration from our members and the stories of how BECU makes a difference for them and their families.

As of 2022, we proudly represent a community of over 1.3 million members who invest in one another. That's powerful. That's what helps fuel our purpose.

At BECU, we work together to improve the financial well-being of our members and communities. When we see our members do well, we're inspired to do more. We advocate for them to feel a greater sense of empowerment in their lives. As a not-for-profit credit union, we put our members' best interests at the heart of our business. We collectively envision that as investing Power in People.

Starting this September, we are bringing the Power in People message to life in the most authentic way we know how: by amplifying the voices of our members and sharing their experiences. They will be featured in many marketing channels: television and radio ads; billboards and bus boards; digital and social media; and through our partnerships in the community with organizations we support.

In preparation for this new advertising campaign, we reached out to our members. We invited people to share their stories and send us their photos so we could get to know them. We met with 40 members for photo and video shoots. You'll meet them featured in the campaign. And through this process, we discovered three members whose stories and life experiences we knew needed to be told and shared.

Their names are Kindle, Rolando and Leandra. All three of them invited us into their living rooms to speak candidly about their life experiences. We met their spouses, kids and even chickens. Yes, two of these members raise chickens! And through our conversations, we heard time and again how BECU means much more to them than simply a place to put their money.

Meet Kindle, BECU Member-Owner

Kindle, a BECU member since 2008, exudes kindness and joy. She and her husband live near the waters of the Puget Sound. She sat with us to share personal stories about her mother and grandmother, and generations of strong women in her family. She spoke passionately about her journey to find a place to call home. And with the help of BECU, she found it. For Kindle, her home fulfills not just her life dreams, it also represents her family's legacy for the generations to come.

Meet Rolando, BECU Member-Owner

We met Rolando, an expressive and talented graphic designer, along with his wife and two young children in their South Park home in Seattle. He shared his personal journey of what it was like to grow up as an immigrant striving to make a life in this country. He spoke of his dream of attending college and the challenges it took for him to get there. Like so many young people who struggle to balance having to work and take out expensive loans to pay for school, Rolando found himself in a mountain of debt that felt almost impossible to manage. Yet he persevered and credits BECU for helping him navigate financial challenges and pave a successful path forward.

Meet Leandra, BECU Member-Owner

Leandra is a young woman who exudes a genuine passion for life. We met her along with her husband and young daughter in their Tacoma home, where she shared that for most of her life, owning a home felt like a pipe dream. Growing up in a family that often struggled financially taught her the value of hard work and determination. When she hoped to make the transition from long-time renter to homeowner, she felt intimidated to even start the process. It was only after coming to BECU and meeting a mortgage advisor named Lauren that she saw real possibilities. And now she credits Lauren and BECU for changing her life.

These three stories, along with highlights of many others to be shared as well, personify the meaning of Power in People. We are honored to bring them to life as the next chapter in our brand story. Interested in being featured in a future BECU marketing campaign? Share your story.