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ATM Fee Refund for Member Advantage Members

Yet Another Member Advantage: Refunded ATM Fees

You’ve come to expect fewer fees from your credit union. We’re helping eliminate even more: BECU Member Advantage members are refunded for ATM withdrawal fees up to $6 a month.

The Dollar Dash 

We live in a card-reliant world. In fact, it's rare that we leave our homes with cash in tow. Yet occasionally we need cash, and sometimes choose to pay a fee by using an ATM outside the 30,000+ surcharge-free BECU and CO-OP ATMs nationwide. But now, you won't have to worry about occasionally using an out-of-network ATM. Withdrawal fees charged by other financial institutions will be refunded up to $6 a month.* After all, you shouldn't be charged to access what you already own. 

Fees or Time?

When there is no shared-network ATM nearby, BECU still has your back: confidently use another financial institution's ATM knowing that BECU will refund you (up to $6 a month)*. Better yet, refunds are processed daily. Remember, you'll need to participate in Member Advantage to qualify. Read more on how it works below.

The Nitty Gritty: 

We're going to spell out the finer details of how it all works: We want to make sure that you get your refund, so double-check that you're withdrawing from the accounts associated with your Member Advantage relationship such as a Member Advantage Savings, Member Advantage Checking or Member Advantage Money Market account. Only withdrawals from one of those three accounts will qualify for the ATM refund benefit. 

So, how does that work? Let's say, in the space of a couple weeks, you rack up three different fees:  

  1. $2 ATM withdrawal fee made by your joint accountholder on your Member Advantage Checking;
  2. $3 ATM withdrawal fee on your Member Advantage Checking;
  3. $4 ATM withdrawal fee on your Member Advantage Saving.

That's $9 in fees. Since BECU happily refunds qualifying accounts up to $6 a month, you'll see a $2 refund for the first withdrawal, $3 refund for the second withdrawal and a $1 refund from the third withdrawal; totaling $6.

Important note: If you share your account with another person, your maximum fee reimbursement will still be $6.

Get the Member Advantage 

Are you enrolled in Member Advantage? Double-check now by logging into Online Banking and viewing your accounts. “Member Advantage” should appear as a label. If you created nicknames for your accounts, simply click “Edit Profile” (next to your name), then click “Account Profile.” There you will see all of your accounts listed, and the words “Member Advantage” will appear next to qualifying account(s).

Your ATM Options 

Your refund benefit is here to help you in a jam, but did you know that BECU is part of the CO-OP ATM Network, giving you access to nearly 30,000 surcharge-free ATMs? Use any BECU or CO-OP shared branching ATM with confidence, knowing that your processing fees are always free, no matter how many transactions you do. Be sure to look for the CO-OP symbol when looking for an in-network ATM. Find the CO-OP symbols and other ways to access your account here. 

And of course, all transactions at BECU ATMs are free. Plus, you can even deposit up to 30 checks at once at any of our signature BECU Snapshot ATMs. 
Questions? Reach out via secure message when logged in to Online Banking, mobile messenger in the BECU app, call us at 800.233.2328, or stop by a Neighborhood Financial Center.

*Refund of out-of-network ATM fees charged by the other financial institution on ATM withdrawals from a Member Advantage Savings, Member Advantage Checking or Member Advantage Money Market account.  Refund will be made in to the Member Advantage account of withdrawal.  Account must be open and still considered Member Advantage at time of refund.  Refunds processed daily and may take up to three days due to cut-off and posting times.