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First Time Homebuyer 101

Topic: Homeownership
Next Seminar: Aug 20, 2014, BECU Eastside Financial Center

Become a well-informed home buyer. This seminar covers it all: How to prepare your credit, develop a budget, and apply for a mortgage, as well as presenting your offer, the appraisal and inspection, and other useful tips.

Webinar - Getting Ready to Buy a Home

Topic: Homeownership
Next Seminar: Aug 26, 2014, Webinar

Become a well-informed home buyer. This seminar covers: How to prepare your credit, maintain a budget, and apply for a mortgage.

Webinar - Planning for College

Topic: Saving for College
Next Seminar: Sep 09, 2014, Webinar

Preparing for college takes effort and time. Fortunately, there are many resources out there to make the process less complicated. Whether you are planning for college yourself, or have a child attending college in a few years, this webinar is for you. We will cover: Paying for college, setting financial goals, making your money stretch, money management tools for college, and other useful tips.

Planning For Your Long-Term Care Needs-Helping You Make Sense of it All

Topic: Retirement Planning
Next Seminar: Sep 16, 2014, Tukwila Financial Center

JOIN US ON SEPTEMBER 16, 17 AND 18TH FOR AN INFORMATIVE EVENT. No one likes to think about the prospect of needing long-term care. However, as life expectancy continues to rise; more and more Americans between the ages of 40 and 84 – especially those in their mid - 50s - will start to prepare for their older years. Long-term care insurance can help you protect assets and retain more control over your health care decisions later in life. Join us for an informative event and learn about Long - Term Care Insurance. We’ll discuss what it is, when is it right for you, solutions and more. There will also be time for questions and answers. Presented by Andrea Santellan, CLTC of LPL Financial

Webinar - 10 Tips to Reduce Debt

Topic: Debt and Credit
Next Seminar: Sep 23, 2014, Webinar

Do you want to be free of oppressive debt? Start on the path of financial freedom and learn how to prioritize your debts, establish a payment plan; identify spending issues and behavior change. These ten tips can help you manage the debt and pay it off.

Junior Achievement Community Day

Topic: Youth and Money
Next Seminar: Sep 27, 2014, Junior Achievement World in Auburn

Learn money management skills that’ll help you prepare for the real world. Attend this fun and interactive event for teenagers and parents hosted at Junior Achievement Finance Park in Auburn. JA Finance Park hosts 15 local simulated store fronts including, Quadrant Homes, Home Depot, Puget Sound Energy and BECU. This fun learning event is designed for parents and their teens ages 13-18. Together you will experience real life scenarios, make real-world money management decisions and learn how to budget for your family.

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