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Changes to Rite Aid ATM Partnership Ahead

On July 31, 2018, our ATM partnership with Rite Aid will be coming to an end. Starting then, members will no longer see BECU-branded ATMs inside Rite Aid stores.

We understand that the end of our Rite Aid ATM partnership will impact members who have come to depend on these ATMs.  Here are other ways members can still access their money without a surcharge. However, members who continue to use Rite Aid ATMs after July 31 may receive a surcharge with each withdrawal transaction. 

  • The CO-OP Network has a growing list of over 30,000 conveniently located ATMs throughout the country. See where CO-OP Network ATMs  might be located near you.
  • If you aren't near a BECU location or there's no ATM nearby, you have other options, including mobile deposits. Read more here.  
  • Members with Member Advantage still receive up to $6 a month in ATM fee refunds* when using an ATM outside of the CO-OP Network and withdrawing from your Member Advantage account.  

We're sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to give us a call at 800.233.2328, or stop by a Neighborhood Financial Center. 

*Refund of out-of-network ATM fees charged by the other financial institution on ATM withdrawals from a Member Advantage Savings, Member Advantage Checking or Member Advantage Money Market account.  Refund will be deposited in to the Member Advantage account of withdrawal.  A maximum of $6 per month will be refunded on the Member Advantage relationship and all associated Member Advantage accounts.  If you share your Member Advantage account with another person, your maximum fee reimbursement will still be $6. Account must be open and still considered Member Advantage at time of refund.  Refunds processed daily and may take up to three days due to cut-off and posting times.