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Vote for BECU's 2018 Board of Directors

Voting: BECU's 2018 Board of Directors and Audit Committee

BECU’s members voted for the 2018 Board of Directors and Audit Committee. Voting commenced on Monday, March 12, 2018 and ended Friday, April 6, 2018 at 11:59 p.m., Pacific Time.

BECU is a cooperative. As such, we are a democratic organization and each of our members has a stake in owning BECU.

Eligible members were invited to elect members of  BECU's Board of Director and Audit Committee. Candidates were vetted and nominated by the BECU Nominating Committee. You can read more about that process below and here 

2018 Voting

Voting is now ended, the results will be announced at the 3rd Annual Member Summit on Tuesday, April 24. 

Come together with your fellow members: plan on attending the Member Summit! The annual Member Summit offers members an opportunity to ask executives questions, attend free seminars, make the most out of their membership and more. 

Key Responsibilities of the BECU Board of Directors and Audit Committee

The Board of Directors is responsible for, among other things: 

  • managing the business and affairs of BECU; 
  • hiring and evaluating the President/CEO and determining his or her compensation; 
  • reviewing and approving BECU's policies; 
  • approving BECU's annual operating budget; 
  • reviewing the Audit Committee's annual report; 
  • reviewing and approving long-term strategic objectives; and 
  • monitoring operations for compliance with the law, BECU's Bylaws, BECU's policies, and principles of safety and soundness. 

The Audit Committee is responsible for, among other things: 

  • keeping informed of BECU's financial condition; 
  • reviewing and evaluating the effectiveness of BECU's internal controls, including: 
  • adequate control environment and governance compliance; 
  • compliance with applicable law; and 
  • operational efficiency and effectiveness of controls; 
  • reviewing and approving the annual audit plan and all major changes to the plan; 
  • reviewing internal audit's performance relative to its plan; 
  • approving decisions regarding the appointment, replacement, or dismissal of the chief audit executive; and 
  • making a report to members at the Annual Membership Meeting. 

How Candidates Are Nominated and Vetted

Candidates interested in being considered for the Board of Directors submit resumes and letters of interest to the BECU Board of Directors and Audit Committee. After an initial screening of resumes, interviews are then conducted and candidates are nominated by the Board Nominating Committee. 

The nominated candidates are then elected by our general membership – that's you.

Read more about how the nominating process works

QUESTIONS? Please contact the BECU Legal Department at 800-233-2328 ext. 5050.

BECU’s corporate governance overview

Information on the application and petition process