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IRS Issuing 2021 Advance Child Tax Credit Payments

According to the IRS, qualifying taxpayers will begin receiving advance Child Tax Credit payments on July 15. Members with qualifying family circumstances will receive a direct deposit or check each month as payments continue through the end of 2021.

The IRS has announced it will pay half the total 2021 Child Tax Credit amount in advance monthly payments. Taxpayers who receive these payments will claim the other half when they file taxes in 2022. This change only applies to the 2021 tax year. Generally, if you are eligible to receive advance Child Tax Credit payments based on your 2019 or 2020 tax return, you don't have to do anything to ensure you receive these payments. Those who are eligible will likely receive payments in the same manner as previous stimulus payments. 

Payments will be issued monthly beginning July 15 through the end of 2021. Read the IRS Frequently Ask Questions to get answers about eligibility, payment amounts, and other important details.

Payment Timeline

Payments will be issued monthly through the end of 2021 on the following dates:

  • July 15
  • August 13
  • September 15
  • October 15
  • November 15
  • December 15


The IRS will use the data already in their systems to send these payments, so you likely don't need to do anything if you have already been receiving past stimulus checks. To find out if you're eligible to receive the advance payments, use the IRS Advance Child Tax Credit Eligibility Assistant

When Funds Will Be Available

Only the IRS has information about when you will receive your payments. To be notified of large deposits by text or email, you can set up BECU Banking Alerts

For funds deposited directly (ACH transfers), your money will be available in your account the same day we receive the funds from the IRS. Learn about BECU check holds and funds availability.

You will need to deposit physical checks. Depending on the deposit time, most members will receive access to these funds within one business day. You can use your smartphone or mobile device camera to quickly and easily deposit your check with BECU Mobile Deposit.

To Unenroll from Advance Payments

You can opt out of receiving the advanced payments if you anticipate a change in your income or taxpayer status when it's time to file your 2021 taxes. Learn how to unenroll from advance payments.

Watch Out for Scams

Unfortunately, criminals will use the advance Child Tax Credit payments as a cover for scams that try to steal your identity and money. 

If you receive a physical check, review the U.S. Treasury check security features IRS resource (PDF) to verify it is authentic.

Remember, the IRS won't try to contact you through email, text messages or social media to request your personal or financial information including requests for PIN numbers, passwords for credit and debit cards, banks or other financial accounts. It is especially important not to click links or open attachments in emails claiming to be from the IRS.

Report tax-related online phishing and scams to the IRS

Learn More

Get a comprehensive overview of what taxpayers need to know by reading the BECU blog article Guide to 2021 Child Tax Credit: Amounts, Eligibility.

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