Funds Availability for Check Deposits

When you deposit a check, some of the funds may be held for a few days while BECU attempts to verify that the check is payable and won't be rejected by the payer's financial institution. If the check is returned unpaid at any time after your deposit, your deposit will be reversed and you'll be responsible for any negative balance in your account, regardless of the reason.

Some deposits may be subject to additional holds, but you'll always have access to some of the funds immediately. If we do place an exception hold on your deposited check, we'll let you know in writing within one business day. We let you know how much of your deposit can be accessed and when the remaining funds will be available.

One way to find out immediately if a hold has been placed on your deposit is to compare the account balance and available balance on your ATM receipt or view your balances in Online or Mobile Banking. The available balance is the amount you have access to at that moment. The difference between the two balances reflects the amount of your deposit that's on hold, as well as any pending transactions or recurring payments you have set up. The hold is placed to protect the funds in your account. By placing a hold on the deposit and limiting the amount of money you can immediately spend, we're lowering your risk of loss that could occur if the check is returned unpaid. Have any questions? Please call a BECU representative at 800-233-2328 or stop by any BECU location. You can also send us a secure message using Messenger in the BECU mobile app. Learn more about check holds in the BECU Account Agreements (.pdf).