Important news from BECU

Credit Bureau Equifax® Announces Coding Issue

BECU is informing members about a recent announcement from Equifax® Inc. regarding a coding error. We’re researching any potential loan decisions that were impacted and contacting members who were affected.

About the Equifax Credit Report Error

The credit reporting bureau Equifax® Inc. recently announced a coding issue which may have resulted in errors to consumer credit scores and credit data reported by the agency. The issue took place for several weeks during the spring of 2022, and Equifax® has fixed the problem.

Who Was Affected?

The coding issue minimally impacted BECU members who applied for loans with the credit union during that time. We estimate fewer than 20 BECU loan applications were affected.

Our Commitment to You

BECU is committed to ensuring our members' financial data is secure and accurate. We are communicating with members who were affected by the Equifax® issue and will continue to work with them to resolve any issues.


How do I find out if my loan was impacted?

BECU is communicating directly with members who were affected by the Equifax® coding issue. If you were impacted, you will be contacted by BECU in the coming weeks.

How can I make sure my credit score is accurate?

Regularly checking your credit score and report is a good practice. That way, if there are errors, or if someone opens a line of credit in your name, you can catch it and report it right away. You can order a free credit report at