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Passport Discounts

Introducing Passport – Your Gateway to Thousands of Discounts

BECU members now receive a complimentary membership to Passport, the signature company delivering discounts from the northwest and nationwide.

BECU is excited to announce its partnership with established discount provider, Passport Unlimited. The partnership allows BECU members a complimentary Passport membership and subsequent access to thousands of savings. Members enjoy deals and discounts in their hometown, nationwide and even across the globe.

BECU Senior Vice President of Marketing & Co-op Affairs Tom Berquist is thrilled to deliver member-owner savings in one easy-to-find portal: “One of our goals is to deliver as much value for our members as possible,” Berquist said. “With the introduction of Passport, our members will now be able to save even more on their everyday purchases and use the savings to achieve other goals they may have.”  

BECU members find  discounts helping them save on everything from retail to travel, products and services, home and health expenses, pet and childcare, family outings, entertainment and more. Members can also access a customized BECU Passport portal tailored just to their membership, including deals that non-members may not receive.

“We're excited by the ability to also add many of the discounts that BECU currently or traditionally has offered to the Passport website,” explained Berquist. “We hope providing all our discounts in one place makes it easier for members to locate their member savings.”

Members who wish to learn more or to sign up can do so by visiting

*BECU is not an affiliate of Passport Unlimited. BECU does not endorse nor accept liability for Passport Unlimited or the use of Passport's merchants, products or services listed on Passport's website. The BECU/Passport benefit program, terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.