Important news from BECU

Reduced Fee for Members at BECU Coinstar Kiosks

Members now pay a 2.90% fee, down from 8.90%, when redeeming coins at any of the five BECU Coinstar kiosks for cash or to deposit. There is no fee to redeem for a gift card, deposit into an Early Saver account or donate to a select group of charities.

Return-to-Member Savings

The reduced fee is expected to save members about 65% when they redeem their coins for cash or to deposit.

The reduced 2.90% fee only applies when members use one of the five Coinstar kiosks that BECU manages. The collected fee goes directly to Coinstar and BECU does not receive a percentage. Fees to redeem coins may vary at other Coinstar locations. 

How To Redeem a BECU Coinstar Voucher for Cash or Deposit

At the Coinstar kiosk, select how you want to receive the funds after your coins have been sorted, counted and totaled. The options are to receive a voucher for cash or deposit, transfer the amount to a gift card, or donate the funds to charity.

To redeem your coins for cash, present the voucher to a teller to receive your funds. The teller will verify your BECU membership and deduct the 2.90% member-only rate from the total amount. A non-member will pay a 10.90% fee on their total counted amount when redeeming a voucher.

Members who want to deposit the voucher into their BECU account may do so through a teller or by depositing the voucher in a night-drop deposit box. The 2.90% fee will be deducted from the total amount when we process the deposit.

BECU Coinstar Kiosk Locations

BECU-managed Coinstar kiosks are available at our Tukwila, Everett and Spokane Division Financial Centers. For more information, visit our Locations page.