UW Men's Basketball Tickets

Save up to 40% on UW Men's Basketball Tickets

As a BECU member, you enjoy special access to discounts on hundreds of products, services and events. This season, we're proud to offer discounted tickets to UW men's basketball games.

Go Huskies!

Grab your friends and family and get ready for a new season of Husky basketball

BECU members can save up to 40% on regularly priced tickets on the following games.*

Available Games:

  • January 14: UW vs. Cal
  • January 26: UW vs. Arizona State
  • January 28: UW vs. Arizona
  • February 15: UW vs. Oregon
  • February 18: UW vs. Oregon State
  • March 2: UW vs. Washington State
Tickets must be purchased online. Taxes and fees applied at checkout. While supplies last. Parking not included. BECU is not responsible for canceled or rescheduled events.