Helping Parents Take on the Mantle of Teaching

BECU and EVERFI are teaming up to offer students access to free digital financial education courses.

To help our members who are balancing work, childcare, and taking on the mantle of teaching, BECU is offering free access to EVERFI's digital financial education courses for your children through the end of June.

Over the last four years, BECU has partnered with EVERFI, an industry leader in digital financial education, to provide free access to their program to nearly 5,000 students. The courses are designed to help students of all ages navigate the challenges of managing money.

Here's a breakdown of what's being offered through our partnership with EVERFI:

Vault – Understanding Money Overview (Intended for elementary school ages)
Introduces students to foundational financial literacy concepts like budgeting, saving, income, and careers through interactive lessons and games
Registration code: 14e37cf6

Venture – Entrepreneurial Expedition (Intended for middle school ages)
Introduces students to the fundamentals of entrepreneurship, from creating a business plan to performing market research in a food-truck business simulation
Registration code: 6e6db9df

EVERFI – Financial Literacy for High School 
Teaches students how to make wise financial decisions to promote financial wellbeing over their lifetime.
Registration code: d05077da

For best performance, please use:

Mac: Chrome/Firefox/Safari (latest version)
Windows: Chrome/Firefox (latest version), Internet Explorer 11

Get started today at everfi.com.

For technical issues or assistance, you can access technical support through the Help tab within the EverFi site, or reach out to EverFi directly.


Directions to access digital courses:

  1. Click: everfi.com/login
  2. Click: Register/Sign up for account
  3. Make sure you're under the Student/Learner tab
  4. Enter appropriate registration code that corresponds with your child's age group
  5. Complete registration: Input child's name and birthday, and create a username and password. EverFi will not share your personal information with anyone, including BECU.

*The content in these offered courses are intended to teach general financial knowledge and skills and does not directly reflect BECU policies or procedures.