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Debit Card Pause

Pause Your Debit Card through Online Banking

Stay in complete control of your BECU debit card by pausing it at your discretion.

If your debit card isn't with you, but you're confident that it's not at risk of being lost or stolen, this feature makes it easy to disable and re-enable it. Just log in to Online Banking, select ”pause your debit card” from the Account Services menu, select the card you'd like to pause, and you're set. 

Pausing your debit card is simply a way to block new purchases, ATM transactions, reoccurring transactions and cash advances.* When you're reunited with your card, simply remove the pause by using the same menu in Online Banking.

Remember – if you think your card might be lost or stolen, please contact us right away, 24 hours a day, at 1.800.233.2328 to deactivate it. We'll issue you a new card within five to 10 business days. If you need a new card faster than that, stop by a Neighborhood Financial Center and we'll issue you a new card on the spot. 

*Recurring transactions may still process while the debit card is paused. BECU is not responsible for any fees that may result from recurring transactions that do or do not process as a result of a paused debit card.