Save-Up Automated Savings

BECU's Save-Up is an automated savings tool that enables you to build savings by either rounding up or transferring a flat amount into your savings account with each debit card purchase.

Benefits & Features

  • Automatically transfer money into your savings account.
  • Increase your savings just by using your debit card.
  • You choose the amount: Either round up or select a flat amount between $1 and $5.
  • In 2021, members saved over $2.7 million by using Save-Up. That's over $150 per person.
ATM card and a coin dropping into a piggy bank

How it Works

  • Select the small increments from each debit card purchase you'd like transferred into your savings account.
  • Choose to either round your purchase amount up to the next whole dollar or add a flat amount from $1 to $5 to your purchase.
  • Funds are transferred to your savings account after each applicable transaction is made.
  • You can change your Save-Up settings and amounts at any time. 

How to Enroll

Enroll in Online Banking via the Debit Card Management feature.

  • Log into Online Banking.
  • Select the Account Services tab.
  • Select Manage Your Debit Card.
  • Select card you wish to use.
  • Select Enroll This Card.
Screenshot of Save Up Enrollment

How Do I Create my Settings?

Save-Up Settings

After enrolling your card:

  • Select the amount of money you wish to save. This can be funds you'd like to "round up" or a fixed amount to transfer with each purchase.
  • Select which account you wish to transfer savings into.
  • Click Apply Changes.

What Transactions are Eligible?


  • Posted debit card purchase transactions (not pending or preauthorization).
  • Signature & PIN based purchase transactions, including: International transactions and online purchases.

Ineligible Transactions

  • ATM transactions.
  • Deposits.
  • Merchant cash back.
  • Person-to-person payments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Save-Up transfers are posted after each transaction. You can view these in the account details in the account from which you transferred your funds and the account where you are saving your funds.

You can see it from the Account Activity tab in Online Banking.

View Save-Up Activity

No. There is no cap on the number of Save-Up transactions you can make in one day.

No, enrollment is currently only available through Online Banking.

You can unenroll from the Manage Your Debit Card page.

  1. Log into Online Banking
  2. Select Account Services
  3. Select Manage Your Debit Card
  4. Select Debit Card
  5. Select Enrolled

This will turn off enrollment.

Enrolled in Save-Up

You keep the transferred funds. BECU will not reverse Save-Up transfers due to merchandise returns.

Save-Up transfers only occur if checking account balances are over $100. Save-Up will not cause your account to be overdrawn, but because it will slightly decrease your checking account balance with each occurrence, keep an eye on your balance as you use this feature to ensure it stays positive.

Member Advantage Savings, Savings, Money Market or Early Saver (Under 18) accounts are eligible. You need to be the primary or joint owner. Business and fiduciary accounts are not eligible.

Member Share, Member Advantage, or Early Saver savings account required to establish membership; not everyone will qualify. Save-Up transfers will not occur if the transfer would take the checking account balance under $100. ATM transactions, deposits, merchant cash back, and Person-to-Person payments do not qualify. To learn more about card benefits, view the MasterCard Guide to Benefits.