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What are Banking Alerts?

Text or email alerts to help you guard against low balance, unusual activity and fraud.

The more you stay on top of your money, the more money you’ll have to stay on top of. Setting up mobile phone text or email alerts makes it easy to know where your account stands—so you can take action as needed to guard against low balance, unusual activity and fraud.

Online alerts keep you in the know about account information that's important to you.

Here are seven mobile banking alerts to consider signing up for.

  1. Low Balance Alert
  2. Deposit Alert
  3. Exceeded Budget Alert
  4. Fee Charged Alert
  5. Large Expense Alert
  6. Payment Reminder Alert
  7. International Transactions Alert

Act quickly on suspicious activity

If any alerts lead you to believe that you are a victim of identity theft, contact us immediately. The sooner you report fraud, the faster we can help and the less likely you'll be responsible for unauthorized transactions.

Call 800-233-2328

1. Low Balance Alert

When your checking or savings account balance drops below a predetermined dollar amount, this alert gives you a heads-up via email or text. You get to decide your ‘low balance' threshold. This alert is a great money-management tool that can save you from overdraft fees—and may help you hold off on an expensive purchase.

2. Large Deposit Alert

This alert notifies you when funds of an amount you specify are credited to your account (checking, savings, loan or credit card) —either as a deposit by you or someone else on the account—or as an auto-deposit, such as a paycheck from your employer. In addition to keeping you in the know, this alert is a helpful tracking tool to assist in record keeping.

3. Exceeded Budget Alert

This alert is tied into Money Manager, BECU's online money management tool. With Money Manager, you can categorize your spending and establish budget goals and spending limits. Once set up, the Exceeded Budget will notify you when you've gone over the amount of money identified for your budget.

Create your budget in Money Manager
Learn more about Money Manager 

4. Fee Charged Alert

Unexpected fees occur when you overdraw your account. For example, an auto-payment or an out-of-network ATM fee may push your account into overdraft. If you're ever charged a fee, this alert will let you know so you can deposit more money to protect your account.

5. Large Expense Charged Alert

This alert will notify you right way when a large expense is charged or transferred from your checking, savings or credit card accounts. But if the transaction seems fishy— say, you've been charged for five 55-inch TVs that you didn't buy—you should contact BECU immediately by calling 800-233-2328.

6. Payment Reminder Alert

This alert can help you avoid late fees by prompting you about when a payment is due. You can set up separate alerts for different accounts—from credit cards to mortgage, lines of credit, car loans and more.

7. International Transactions Reminder Alert

This alert is a good way to catch fraud. If you're notified that a transaction in another country has been posted to your account—yet you're sitting at your kitchen table—you can contact your financial institution immediately.

How to Set Up Alerts

Alerts can be set up and customized in BECU Online Banking or the Mobile App*.

Learn more about how to set up alerts

Download it from the Apple Store or Google Play.

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