Member Assistance Program

The BECU Member Assistance Team is here to support members facing financial hardship due to circumstances like the COVID-19 pandemic. We are committed to doing what we can to help members during this difficult situation.

Relief Options

The Member Assistance Team may be able to help with short-term payment relief and loan modifications on BECU loans and revolving credit including home, auto, boat, RV, credit cards and personal loans. Available relief options include:

  • Reduced or skip payment* options on credit cards
  • Payment Forbearance (temporary postponement) on mortgage loans
  • Payment reductions on auto, vehicle and personal loans. 

One of our Specialists will work with you to determine the right relief option to best meet your needs.

In addition, as we assess the continuing financial impact of COVID-19 on our membership, BECU has suspended foreclosure actions, repossession actions, and collection lawsuits during the COVID crisis.

For requests regarding Student Loans, please refer to the Student Loans page.

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You may also consider refinancing or applying for a new loan to take advantage of lower interest rates.

BECU's free Financial Health Check service offers free consultations with trained specialists to help you make financial decisions. For questions, please contact us at

If you're a BECU member experiencing a financial hardship, and you'd like more information, please call 800-233-2328 to speak to a representative.

* Skip payment only applies to credit cards. The Member Assistance Specialist will work with you to determine duration. The interest accrued during the skipped periods will be added to the remaining principal balance, and monthly payments will then be recalculated once payments resume.