Mortgage Payment Relief

Home Loan Assistance

Are you experiencing financial hardship? If you need to address your current mortgage payments, contact BECU either in Online Banking or by calling us directly: 877-256-6460.

Before calling, please review the frequently asked questions.


How to request Mortgage Assistance

  1. Log in to Online Banking
  2. Scroll down through your list of accounts to “Mortgage”
  3. Click on the loan account number
  4. View the Mortgage Servicing Page (where you should be routed)
  5. Select Review Available Assistance Options

Frequently Asked Questions

Forbearance is a temporary suspension of your monthly mortgage payment.

A payment deferral suspends the principal and interest portions of your mortgage payment and defers them to the end of your loan.

All suspended payments along with the current month's payment are due in full at the end of the forbearance term. Once the forbearance period is over, the full amount of your missed payments are due; however, there may be assistance options if you need additional relief.

Before you make any decisions about pursuing forbearance, carefully assess your situation. If you are still able to pay your mortgage, even in part, please try to do so. Mortgage assistance does not permanently relieve you from your obligation to make your payments. After your situation improves, you'll be required to repay the full amount of your forbearance. This may require a one-time payment for the full amount. If you're still experiencing financial hardship, you may request to be evaluated for a loan modification or repayment plan.