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Teens: What to Expect After Joining BECU

We’re glad you’re here! You’ve made a great decision in getting your teen’s financial future started with a credit union. Now that you’ve opened your teen’s account, here’s what you can expect in the short- and long-term.

After you've joined

Once the account is verified and active, here's some information you'll want to keep handy:

  • BECU routing number: 325081403

  • How to find your new account number 

The routing number will be required any time you want to send or receive money online or if you want to set up direct deposit. Even if you don't start doing this right away, keep this number handy. It'll save you time when you need to get things done, but we'll always be there if you need us.

Easy ways to monitor accounts 

We make it easy for parents to monitor their teen's account activity. Just log in to Online Banking to view real-time statements and track spending habits, or use Mobile Banking to take a quick peek at recent transactions and account balances. 

Create a budget 

Based on what you see with account activity, create a budget and help your teen stick to it. You can set alerts in Online Banking that notify you of the activity you specify, such as overdrafts or low balances. 

Using cards wisely 

Part of smart budgeting is using debit and credit cards wisely. Teach your teen about making smart purchases online, for example – be sure they know never to make an online purchase on a website that doesn't have “https” at the beginning of the address. Also, look for the padlock symbol to accompany the address. Also, remember to shield your PIN as you enter it when making an in-store purchase. 

Watch out for fraud 

While it's definitely true that technology makes banking and financial planning easier, there's a flipside to that coin. Fraudsters have more ways than ever to potentially steal your sensitive information, so it's important to teach your teens how to protect themselves. In addition to the steps listed above, remember to:

  • Never tell anyone your PIN

  • Change online banking passwords regularly 

  • Monitor account statements for charges you don't recognize

  • Contact us immediately if anything looks out of the ordinary

We're here for you 

Congratulations on getting your teen started on the road to financial independence. It's definitely a big milestone, and we want to make sure you have everything you need as you embark on this journey together. 

Have any questions? Here's a list of answers  to frequently asked questions. Or, give us a call: 800-223-2328