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BECU Workplace Banking

When your employees stress over finances, it creates a ripple effect through the rest of their lives, distracting them from work. Research shows a distinct connection between falling employee productivity and personal financial problems.

By the Numbers

According to a 2020 Global Benefits Attitudes Survey,

  • When it comes to personal finances, 87% of employees indicated that they want help.
  • Employees in a better financial situation have higher engagement and lower presenteeism than those in a worsening financial position. They're more likely to report good health and high social well-being.
  • 63% of employees say that financial stress has increased since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Workers with high financial stress are two times as likely to use sick time when they're not actually ill.

Empowering your employees to successfully manage their money is an integral part of any wellness program. Equip your employees with financial peace of mind – and future success – by partnering with BECU.

How BECU Can Help

Your employees get all the benefits of credit union membership, plus more discounts, better rates, and more help with financial pain points. And as a company, you get rewarded with happier, more productive employees.

Some benefits include:

  • Free employee financial wellness programs.
  • Free financial education for employees.
  • Free Financial Health Checks for budgeting, saving and spending advice.
  • Access to free products and services your employees can trust.

Benefits of Partnering with BECU

  • Round out benefits package with financial wellness
  • Could increase participation in employer retirement plans such as 401(k) or 403(b)
  • Save your employees' money with special rates and cash-back offers
  • Tailor education offerings to your employees, including on-site classes or webinars

Return on Investment

Since partnering with us doesn't cost you a dime, your organization stands to gain while sacrificing nothing. Click the "Email Us" button to take the next step in becoming your employee's financial advocate.