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BECU Workplace Banking

When you support your employees' financial well-being, you are potentially making a long-term impact on their future successes. Research shows a distinct connection between falling employee productivity and personal financial problems.

The 2022 Global Benefits Attitudes Survey indicates:

  • When it comes to personal finances, employees indicated that they want employers to focus on helping them manage their day-to-day finances.
  • Since the COVID-19 pandemic, 41% of full-time employees are living paycheck to paycheck and 49% of employees have suffered a financial shock.
  • Data shows that employees in a better financial situation have higher engagement and lower presenteeism than those in a worsening financial position. They're more likely to report good health and high social well-being.
  • Whether employees work from home or on-site, an organizational culture that prioritizes their employees' well-being is linked to better outcomes.
  • Two out of five employees say they would trust a financial advisor that's recommended by their employer.

Empowering your employees to successfully manage their money is an integral part of any wellness program. Equip your employees with financial peace of mind – and future success – by partnering with BECU.

How BECU Can Help

Partner with BECU to enhance the workplace experience for your employees. We can help employees find a comfortable balance between stellar productivity and happiness in their day-to-day lives. Plus, they'll enjoy great deals, discounts, financial support and resources they can use at no cost to you.

Your employees can enjoy a special promotional membership, featuring:

Members who make timely payments and maintain a good credit score may become eligible for an even lower rate on select BECU loans.

Workplace Banking

Return on Investment

Since partnering with us doesn't cost you a dime, your organization stands to gain while sacrificing nothing. Click the "Email Us" button to take the next step in becoming your employee's financial advocate.