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BECU and KEXP: The  Sounds of Community

Talk about great harmony. With our shared origins in the Northwest, a common focus on building and serving our communities, and a mutual dedication to doing things differently, our partnership with KEXP is one more way we can deliver on our commitment of "people helping people".

Behind the Music

KEXP began in 1972 as KCMU, a 10-watt radio station founded by four students at the University of Washington. Over the years, the station has become a true cultural force for a devoted community of listeners, not just in the Pacific Northwest, but around the world.

True to its roots, KEXP has an authenticity that brings people together. Championing new artists, creating gathering spaces for the Seattle community, fostering discussion, and promoting unity is all part of the station's mission. BECU understands the importance of music and community--and we're thrilled to be involved in powering it.

Member-Owned Meets Listener-Powered

When you stop into any of our Neighborhood Financial Centers, take a listen. The music you'll hear is KEXP streaming live. From the sweet twang of Don Slack's show-- to eclectic songs in the afternoon with Larry Mizzell--to the Roots Reggae beats of Kid Hops on the weekend, KEXP is the soundtrack of our days. And as a long-time underwriter of KEXP, BECU helps power the very music our members are hearing-- including the station's live performances, events, and more.

The Debit Card that Makes Music

One of our latest partnership endeavors is the KEXP debit card, exclusively from BECU. It has the feel-good look of a mixtape, and the do-good feeling of supporting the music and listener community you love. Every time a purchase is made using the KEXP debit card, BECU donates one cent directly to KEXP. Learn more about the card

Live at KEXP Volume 10

Thanks to the overwhelming impact and success of the debit card, BECU and KEXP have collaborated to bring music lovers Live at KEXP Volume 10 - a double album celebrating 20 years of partnership between these two community mainstays. The album features 19 tracks, hand-selected from the KEXP vault, and is available for download at kexp.bandcamp.com.

KEXP Debit Card next to a stack of music albums.

Get Involved

Interested in supporting independent music? See the varied programs BECU helps sponsor at KEXP.org, and visit the station's YouTube channel to see past performances.

BECU is built on the principle of people helping people, aligning ourselves with partnerships that reflect our commitment to giving back. We partner with multiple organizations, many of which offer benefits to BECU members in return!

BECU membership required. Member Share or Member Advantage savings account and also a checking account required to receive the KEXP debit card; not everyone will qualify.

BECU will donate to KEXP one cent for every qualified purchase using the KEXP debit card. Donations will be made twice a year. No charitable receipt will be provided. BECU reserves the right to cancel this offer at any time without notice.