BECU Envelopes

BECU Envelopes is a digital tool that helps members organize savings into separate categories. You can create savings goals for a future vacation, emergency fund, down payment, education — virtually any savings goal you want to achieve. It's an efficient alternative to opening multiple savings accounts.

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Video: Save Smarter With BECU Envelopes

Get Started with BECU Envelopes

  • Access BECU Envelopes through the BECU mobile app or Online Banking.
  • In the mobile app, navigate to the menu and select BECU Envelopes.
  • In Online Banking, navigate to Account Summary or Account Services, then select Save with BECU Envelopes.
  • Create your BECU envelopes, name them and set savings goals.
  • Track your progress.

Benefits & Features

  1. It's easy to access BECU Envelopes through the BECU mobile app or Online Banking.
  2. Organize and monitor multiple savings goals in one account, then track your progress.
  3. Create up to 12 different BECU Envelopes per account, with each dedicated to a specific goal.
  4. BECU Envelopes works with your existing BECU savings and money market accounts.
  5. With Automatic Allocation, set up automatic transfers from your savings account to the envelope of your choice. Save time by setting a schedule that makes sense to you.
  6. Set custom targets to specify how much money you want to save. BECU envelopes will automatically track your progress to help keep you on course.
Mobile device screenshots showing steps for setting up Envelopes

Frequently Asked Questions

BECU Envelopes allows you to visually divide up your money within a savings account while keeping only one account.

BECU Envelopes will not affect your existing accounts or any interest earned on the account. Think of BECU Envelopes as a tool that sits on top of your existing savings account to give you additional features to help you plan your savings.

BECU Envelopes is only available for personal savings and money market accounts. Business, HSA, trust, fiduciary, and benevolent accounts are not eligible.

  1. Access BECU Envelopes through the BECU mobile app or Online Banking.
  2. In the mobile app, navigate to the menu and select BECU Envelopes.
  3. In Online Banking, navigate to Account Services, then select Save with BECU Envelopes.
  4. Select the Add BECU Envelopes option to add BECU Envelopes to your account.
  5. Select your savings account. If you have multiple accounts, choose the account you want to create BECU Envelopes for.
  6. Select or add a name for your BECU Envelope.
  7. Choose your savings amount goal.
  8. Add up to 12 BECU Envelopes per savings account.

No, a BECU Envelope can have $0 in it.

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Member Share, Member Advantage, or Early Saver savings account required to establish membership; not everyone will qualify. You must be a Primary Member or Joint Account Holder in good standing with an eligible BECU Account and be enrolled in Online Banking. BECU's Envelopes application is a digital tool intended to help BECU members establish budgeting goals and visualize their progress toward meeting those goals. Allocating funds in BECU Envelopes is only for budgeting purposes and will not cause any actual money movement between your BECU accounts.