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Tunde D., The Woodlands
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Tara W., Puyallup

You Are Inspiring

We want to celebrate your happy moments, your big achievements and your milestones. We want to honor your small moments, too, like when you gather your friends for a BBQ or a soccer game.

You are inspiring! Your family is adorable! Your achievements are impressive!  Have a story to tell? We want to hear it.

You are one of the amazing members that make BECU who we are, and we may use your photo in our marketing – to show the world what we can do when we work together to lift each other up.

What to Submit

We are seeking impactful photos and stories that represent the full breadth of the BECU member experience. Try to capture action and emotion. We want photos and stories that are full of life! We want to see and hear about the real you, the people you care about, the moments you want to remember, the places you've gone, and the things you've acquired along the way.

Don't be afraid to get creative, playful, sentimental or real – really, really real. We value our members (you), just as you are.

(Businesses that bank with BECU – please click here to submit through the business form!)

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Photo release agreement

I hereby authorize Boeing Employees' Credit Union, its subsidiaries and affiliates (BECU) to publish, photograph, record or conduct media interviews, including but not limited to, my business dealings with BECU, written or spoken quotes, or photographs submitted by me as deemed applicable to the intent of the publication or presentation. I understand and agree that the photographs, likenesses, or images, recording and/or publication may reveal my name and city of residence and products or services I have at BECU. I further agree to allow such, as stated above, to be accomplished without any compensation at any time to me. I agree that I am a BECU member, a legal resident of the United States, and 18 years or older. I agree that I have taken the photo myself, and that no one else may claim they own the rights to my photo. Additionally, if the photo shows people, I agree that at least one is a BECU member.