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Jamie Randall Glass
Business Photo Submit
Three Plums Design

Does Your Business Bank With BECU?

We feature real business members in our marketing for a few reasons: We're proud of the local businesses that we support. We know there's no testimonial more powerful than someone who has actually worked with us and experienced BECU's unparalleled service. And we want to help promote your company.

Because when we say we partner with you, we mean it.

Simply share a photo of your business, yourself or your employees working and a brief description of the photo's contents. We might share your story on our website, in our advertising or on our other marketing materials.

Currently seeking:

  • Architectural photography
  • Warehouse and shipping in action
  • Company vehicles and/or equipment
  • Employees in uniforms or in real working situations
  • You and/or your employees working with your products and customers
  • Meeting with your BECU business representative

What to Submit:

We are seeking impactful photos and stories that represent the full breadth of the BECU member experience. Try to capture action and emotion. We want photos and stories that are full of life and represent the BECU member experience! We want to see and hear about the real you, the people you care about, the moments you want to remember, and the places you've gone, and the things you've acquired along the way.

Don't be afraid to get creative, playful, sentimental or real – really, really real. We value our members (you), just as you are.

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I hereby authorize and do hereby grant an irrevocable, unrestricted, perpetual and worldwide license and release to Boeing Employees' Credit Union, its employees, volunteers, representatives, service providers and agents (collectively “BECU”) to reproduce, publish, incorporate into other materials and use for any purpose, the media and/or information I’ve provided above. I represent that I have full rights to authorize these actions by BECU and to grant such license and release. I understand that BECU’s use of the media and description provided above may reveal my name and city of residence and/or the products or services I have obtained from BECU and I agree to allow such. If I am a business owner, I also understand that the media and description may contain or reveal the name, trademarks, trade names and trade dress of my business and agree to allow use of my name and marks and other identifying information by BECU in connection with this submission. I further agree that this release and grant of license shall be without compensation to me of any kind.