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Meet Josh - He Tries to Spend Wisely

The BECU Member Spotlight is a monthly blog feature where we take some time to learn more about BECU's most important asset - our members. Meet Josh!

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Published May 3, 2019 in: BECU Spotlight

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How long have you been a BECU member?

I have been a BECU member since 2018.

As a new member, what do you love most about BECU?

As I transition from the former season of wandering and traveling all over the country, including addresses in seven different states over five years, I wanted to have a credit union that reflected how I have come to love Seattle and the Pacific Northwest. BECU's members-first attitude is apparent, not only in their fees associated with the accounts but in the culture they provide. From the branches to the branding they display online, and around the city, I was impressed by their consistency and quality.

If you could retire anywhere, where would it be?

Honestly, retirement can seem fairly unapproachable in today's political and financial climate, but if I were to retire, I would hope to be able to do it somewhere I can volunteer my time. My ideal retirement would be where I was financially stable enough not to require a steady paycheck and be free to invest my time into a worthy cause.

If you had to eat one meal, every day, for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Limited to one meal, every day, for the rest of my life, I think pasta would be my meal of choice. It's versatile, cost-efficient, filling, and tasty. I already eat it for a higher percentage of meals than I would like to admit.

What has been the best piece of financial advice you have ever received?

The best piece of financial advice I've ever received was a little counterintuitive regarding purchasing experiences, not things. By focusing on using money wisely and gaining new experiences, I was able to build a story and a life that developed me personally in a way that never could have happened by surrounding myself with things. Choosing to live without some modern day comforts and instead focusing on traveling and adventure, I know that my story is one of which I am proud.

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