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Four Ideas for Celebrating Moms, Grads and Dads From a Distance

Spring is a time for celebrating moms, grads, and dads. The current COVID-19 pandemic is causing celebrations to be a bit different this year. Here are four ideas on how to celebrate from a distance for free (or almost free).

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Published May 6, 2020 in: Spending & Shopping

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Make and Send a Card in the Mail

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is still delivering mail on time, which means you can get creative with some homemade Mother's Day, Father's Day, or graduation cards all for the cost of an envelope and a stamp.

Video Calls with Friends and Family

With stay at home orders in place, it can help to see a familiar face or hear a loved one's voice, even if at a distance. There are free apps that you can use on your phone or laptop like FaceTime or WhatsApp, Zoom, or Skype to schedule a virtual get together. Have to plan an upcoming virtual celebration? Consider decorating your background with festive decorations (homemade or purchased online) to help make it feel a little more like a party.

Social Media Posts

Posting a tribute to your friends and family on social media can help amplify your Mother's Day, Father's Day or graduation tributes and help make someone feel loved and appreciated. Free graphic design platform Canva is an easy way to put together a professional-looking animation or collage for social media with plenty of templates to use.

A Personal Parade

If there are enough local friends and family, consider a personal parade, where everyone can drive-by a person's house at a given date and time while honking, waving, holding signs, and playing music. Of course, make sure to drive safely and pull over if you need to.

It's the thought that counts and no matter what you decide, this will likely be a celebration the recipient isn't soon to forget.

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