Charleston Battery fans at a game with flags of different countries and a Charleston Battery flag. Charleston Battery logo.

Charleston Battery Fans: Meet the Offer Requirements and You Could Receive $150

Calling all Charleston Battery fans! As proud partners of the Battery, BECU is proud to offer you an opportunity to take advantage of our credit union benefits. When you open a checking and savings account with us, you can enjoy no minimum balance, foreign transaction3 or ATM surcharge fees, access to over 30,000 Co-Op Network surcharge-free ATMs, and much more.

Right now, BECU is running a special, limited-time promotion. Until July 31, new BECU members can use promo code BATTERY24 to receive $150 after opening a checking and savings account and meeting certain requirements.1

How It Works:

  1. Visit our Charleston Neighborhood Financial Center to connect with our team about joining BECU and determining eligibility.
  2. Open a checking and savings account using promo code BATTERY24 between June 24 and July 31.
  3. Meet transaction requirements within 30 days of account opening.2

Transaction Requirements:

To qualify for the $150 bonus, new members must complete five qualifying transactions within the first 30 days of joining BECU, including any combination of the following:

  • Make a purchase using your BECU debit card.
  • Write a check or electronic check.


  • Deposit $500 or more into your checking account.

BECU is a member-owned, not-for-profit credit union committed to improving the financial well-being of our members and their communities. Our members' needs are important to us, and we work hard to not only save you money, but help you earn more too.

Not sure if you're eligible to join BECU? We can help you determine your eligibility for BECU membership in-person at our North Charleston location, or you can consider donating to the BECU Foundation to become eligible.

1For new BECU members only, age 18 and older. Must be within BECU's field of membership and be eligible to open and maintain membership; not everyone will qualify. New members who are rejoining but have had a membership relationship with BECU in the last six (6) months do not qualify. Business, Fiduciary, Zero-Dividend, HSA, and Early Saver accounts are not eligible to receive deposit bonuses. BECU employees are not eligible. Must establish and maintain membership by opening a Member Share savings and also a checking account using promo code BATTERY24 by July 31, 2024, and meeting the transaction requirements within 30 days of account opening. BECU is not required to pay the promotional incentive for accounts opened without the appropriate Promo Code. Accounts must remain open for 90 days or more. Other terms, limitations, and conditions apply. Cannot be combined with any other offers. Limit one offer per member. Check with BECU for current Annual Percentage Yield (APY) of accounts. The $150 bonus deposit to your Member Share savings account will occur within 120 days of establishing the qualifying accounts if the transaction requirements were met in the first 30 days. Accounts must be open and in good standing at time of fulfillment to qualify. BECU will not deposit bonus funds to closed accounts. Bonus will be reported to the IRS on form 1099INT at year end as interest income. BECU reserves the right to terminate this offer at any time.

2To meet the transaction requirements, you must open and maintain active Member Share or Member Advantage savings and also a checking account. You must complete five or more qualifying transactions using the checking account or deposit transaction(s) of $500 or more into the checking account within 30 days of account origination. Checking transactions, POS withdrawals, international ACH withdrawals, ATM transfer debits, electronic checks, ATM withdrawals, checks, and external withdrawals are defined as qualifying transactions. Checks must clear account within 30 days of account opening. External deposits, ATM deposits, ATM transfer credits, new account deposit, and international ACH transaction deposits are defined as qualifying deposits.

30.20% currency conversion fee may be included in the purchase or withdrawal's overall total when using a debit card; however, the fee will be refunded within three (3) business days contingent upon the account being open at the time of refund.