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Introducing Consumers' Checkbook

Consumers' Checkbook is a nonprofit organization that provides unbiased ratings, undercover price research, and consumer advice on local service providers — from auto mechanics and plumbers to dentists, veterinarians and much more.

What is Consumers' Checkbook?

Remember Consumer Reports that offered unbiased product reviews? Consumers' Checkbook is a similar website and magazine that's devoted to local services. Consumers' Checkbook is a 100% independent, nonprofit organization, which means they never take money from the businesses they rate. You can rely on them to make an informed decision that saves you the most money while supporting local businesses.

Features & Benefits

  • Unbiased reviews on everyday services you use, like auto mechanics, window installers, healthcare providers and more.
  • BECU member discount of 50% off annual subscription price
  • In-depth research and everyday tips
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • 7-day free trial, no credit card required.

BECU members can now save 50% on their annual subscription after a free 7-day trial, with no credit card required. You'll pay just $14 a year instead of the normal price of $28.

Your subscription lets you access expert ratings, consumer reviews, and exclusive undercover price check results. Consumers' Checkbook can help you find the best service in your area, and avoid the worst.

How much money can Consumers" Checkbook save you this year? Start your free trial today to find out. No credit card required.

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*BECU does not endorse nor accept liability for Consumers' Checkbook or the use of businesses, products, or services listed on their site. Any information provided by BECU regarding Consumers' Checkbook is provided without any representation, guaranty, or warranty as to its accuracy, quality, or completeness.