Quick Save

A new mobile app feature to help you save more money

Saving money is always important, but in times of economic uncertainty, it becomes both crucial and challenging. That's why we've created a new tool that helps you save money every day, on every budget.

Increase your savings by using Quick Save, a new feature option available on the BECU mobile app. Quick Save creates an easy way for you to transfer a little money each day from your checking account into your savings.

Benefits and Features | Get Started | How to Use | Track Progress | FAQs

Benefits and Features

  • Increase your savings
  • Create new savings habits
  • Set savings goals
  • Visually watch savings grow
  • Establish an emergency fund

Get Started

Can only be accessed from the BECU Mobile app

  1. Tap the 'Piggy Bank' icon or click the 'Set up Quick Save' words from the summary page of the app
  2. Tap 'Quick Save' from the hamburger menu.

How to Use

1. To Get Started
Tap the Piggy Bank icon or select 'Set up Quick Save'

Quick Save Get Started

2. Select Account and Amount
Select accounts and the amount you'd like to transfer

Quick Save Select Accounts

3. Slide to Save
Slide to transfer money to the selected account

Quick Save Slide to Save

The Quick Save swipe will appear once per day, but you can access Quick Save through the app's main menu if you want to make more than one swipe per day.

Track Your Progress

Set a plan and Quick Save will help you track your progress.

Use Quick Save daily to build a savings streak that helps you put your financial goals within reach, or build your emergency fund faster. Use account nicknames to create a separate account for your Quick Save funds.

Quick Save Message: Saving Streak

Frequently Asked Questions

*As always, BECU encourages our members to manage their finances responsibly. It is the member's responsibility to ensure there are sufficient available funds to pay any presented item. Please refer to the Account Agreement booklet.