Call Verification

One way BECU protects your accounts and personal information is by verifying your identity before providing account support when you contact us by phone. Our caller identity system is enhanced with technology that makes the process quick and efficient while adding layers of security for members calling BECU.

How the System Verifies Your Call

It's like caller ID but provides more information. Our phone system analyzes specific call attributes to verify your identity, including your phone number and location, as well as the type of device you're calling from. This information combined with correct answers to your security questions helps us verify your identity or detect and prevent attempted fraud in your accounts.

What To Expect

You might notice the process varies each time you call. This is because the system automatically randomizes your security questions. For enhanced security, you might be asked a different number of questions or the questions asked may be different depending on information the system is able to verify about your call.

It's not possible to opt out of the system that verifies your identity when you call. We use call attributes and security questions to help verify your identity and keep your accounts safe. If you prefer not to be verified by phone, you can visit a BECU location or make a Video Banking appointment.

Yes, the verification process is secure, and the information we collect during the verification process is only used for authentication purposes.

Visit Member Account Security for more information and recommended best practices.