Tips for Designing a Will

Quick Tips for Designing a Will

It’s one of the most essential pieces of paperwork, yet most of us don’t have one: a will. Get started with our guidelines.

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Did you know the most important piece of your estate plan may be the most basic? It's your will. Your will stipulates how you want your assets distributed, appoints a guardian for any minor children you have, and names an executor or a personal representative to settle your estate and carry out your final wishes. If you die without a will — intestate — a court will generally make these decisions for you.

Designing a Plan

For help with drafting your will, consider retaining an attorney who specializes in estate planning. Bring the following information to your first meeting.

  • A list of assets, along with their locations and estimated values, including bank, brokerage, and investment accounts; real estate and other tangible property; jewelry and/or art collections; and other valuables

  • A list of retirement accounts, along with account numbers and beneficiaries

  • Names of any charities you plan to benefit

  • Estate beneficiaries with their contact information

  • Copies of documents relating to divorce, separation, annulment, or adoptions; property deeds; and any gift-tax forms you've filed

Creating a Testamentary Trust

A strategy you might want to consider is setting up a testamentary trust, or trust under will. The trust is created in your will and takes effect at your death. A testamentary trust can be designed to accomplish any number of estate planning goals, including providing for loved ones, implementing tax-saving strategies, or benefiting a charity, among other objectives.

Need Assistance?

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