BECU and the Seattle Seahawks sponsorship event


As a member-owned credit union, we invest in our members and their communities by supporting their local events and marketing opportunities. See if your organization qualifies.

Submit a Sponsorship Request

Thank you for your interest in a BECU sponsorship opportunity! Requests can be for any dollar amount; we do not place a restriction on the amount of funds requested. For larger requests, we may contact you for additional information and/or to set up a meeting.

Please note the following guidelines:

  1. All requests must be for organizations that serve a state in which we are active: Washington, Oregon, Idaho, South Carolina.
  2. We are currently evaluating requests for sponsorships that align with BECU's values in the areas of festivals, parades, community focused, artistic, and cultural events.
  3. We are unable to fund requests related to fundraising events (breakfasts, luncheons, galas, auctions, etc.), schools/school events, travel expenses, trips or tours, pledges, networking events, chamber/rotary organizations, trade shows, individuals, tuition, dues, subscriptions, religious activities, political or fraternal lobbying/campaigns, fundraising walks or runs, youth sports, clubs or camps.
  4. BECU reserves the right to determine and amend which organizations are eligible to receive sponsorship support from BECU. In no event will BECU provide support to organizations that do not comply with the USA Patriot Act. BECU does not contribute to organizations in which religious practice is required for selection and/or receipt of services.

If your organization/event meets our current guidelines above, we welcome you to submit a sponsorship request. We review requests year-round. You can expect a response by email within 40 days or less.

If your request is for a non-profit organization and/or you are seeking a donation/grant, please visit Community Giving.