Andrew Waltner Mortgage Advisor

Andrew Waltner

Andrew Waltner

Mortgage Advisor

Location: Spokane - Home Loan Center


Phone: 509-688-7794

MLO Number: 1641158

Simply describe your goal(s) of property ownership and I will help pave the path towards accomplishing them. My passion is assisting others in achieving their dreams, and real estate is my vessel to do just that. For those who have already walked the path to property ownership, allow me the opportunity to enhance your financing by revealing the potential benefits of a refinance with BECU to make your property even more rewarding. The answer to your objective is never “no we can't”, but instead “how can we”! Let's find a way together.

When I am not helping members in the office, I love to snowboard the slopes that the Inland Northwest has to offer. When the weather warms up, I like to go out for boating and do some fishing. In the fall, you can find me hunting around the north Spokane area with family and friends.