12 Year Mortgage

12-Year No Fee Mortgage

Refinance your loan to a 12-year no-fee mortgage.

prentis j., tacoma

Refinance your Loan to a 12-Year No-Fee BECU Mortgage

The BECU 12-year mortgage* lets you:

  • Refinance your existing mortgage without additional BECU fees

  • Lock in your low rate for up to 45 days from application

  • Get a loan amount of up to $417,000

12-Year No-Fee Mortgage Rates

Rates As Low As

APR Effective 1/17/2020*


12 Year Fixed

Refinance Only - 12 Year No Fee

*See important information about rates, fees and other costs

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Rates Won’t Stay This Low for Long

Take advantage of BECU’s quick, no-hassle application—act today!