BECU Visa Card Benefits

Your Card Just Got More Awesome

What Doesn't This Card Do?

When we made this card, we asked ourselves: What would we want? Then we got to work. In addition to low rates and few fees, each card comes with the additional benefits below. We want our members to be assured that they are making a safe, secure and protected transaction every time they pay. It's just the right thing to do.

Know Before You Pay: 

  • Purchases are only covered when the entire purchase (not a portion) is charged to the BECU Visa®.

  • Benefits are accessed by simply contacting the provider. Find the contact info here.

  • If you're not sure what is covered under your card's insurance, please ask

  • Every BECU Visa card has varying benefits! Ensure you are reviewing the benefits that match your card. This page describes benefits specific to the traditional, low APR BECU Visa.

  • Some benefits, like Roadside Dispatch, may have added fees for certain services. Don't worry though; we'll be sure you are informed of any fees before you elect to participate.

  • Be sure you bookmark and consult the Visa Guide to Benefits for complete terms, conditions, and benefit details. With so many benefits, it helps to keep this information on hand.

  • Additional questions? Contact us.

Your Questions, Answered 

We love talking to our members! Need to learn more about your covered benefits or how to access them? Contact the provider for each benefit. Contact info (and more details) is found by clicking here.

Need additional help from BECU? Call us: 800.233.2328. You can also send us a secure message on the BECU app, or when logged into Online Banking.