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Business High-Speed Online Deposit

Our remote deposit capture using a high-speed online scanner allows you to deposit up to 30 checks at one time.

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High-Speed Online Deposits

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To apply for this service, complete and submit this application.  A BECU representative will contact you within three business days after your application is processed.

Multiple Check Deposits Made Easy

Does your business often need to deposit multiple checks? Our high-speed online scanner service allows you to deposit up to 30 checks at one time.

Skip the trips to the ATM or local branch — you'll save time and gain the added convenience of being able to deposit checks 24/7 through our secured Business Online Banking platform.

Features & Benefits

  • $25 monthly fee is waived if the rolling year average balance is at least $25,000 for all BECU business deposit accounts.*
  • Rebate of up to $300**, but no more than 50% of the purchase price of your high-speed online deposit scanner (excluding shipping and handling).
  • Have immediate access to view and use available deposited funds.***

Apply for our high-speed online deposit scanner service by connecting with a Business Specialist, or by downloading the application and bringing a completed application to your nearest BECU location.

Flatbed Scanner Option

If you're a business member that operates as a Sole Proprietorship, LLC using a Social Security Number for tax reporting, a club, trust or estate, you have access to a free service that allows you to make business check deposits using a scanner from any computer with Internet access through Online Banking.

You can deposit up to 30 checks per batch deposit; however, number of checks that can be scanned at once varies by scanner. Simply log in to Online Banking, select the Online Deposits tab and follow the instructions.

*Based on a 12-month rolling average. Certain conditions apply. Refer to the High-Speed Online Deposits Agreement Terms and Conditions for details.

**BECU will rebate up to $300 (but not more than 50%) of the purchase price of your High-Speed Online Deposit scanner provided that your business remains a BECU High-Speed Online Deposit service customer in good standing for at a least one calendar year following initiation of the service. Rebate amount varies based on the scanner model you choose and excludes shipping and handling. BECU will credit your BECU business checking account with the amount of the rebate once the scanner purchase is confirmed. If you terminate the service prior to one calendar year, BECU will debit your BECU business account for the rebate amount. Your receipt of the rebate and use of the service will serve as acceptance of these rebate terms.

***Availability is subject to BECU Funds Availability Policy located in Account Agreement.