Name Change

Update Your Name

You've changed your name, and you need your debit card, credit card and banking documents to reflect it. We can help! There are a few steps we ask you take for your safety. In order to protect your accounts from fraud, we require official documentation, along with picture ID, to confirm this is you making this change.

Documents Needed

  • Picture ID with your new name (current and unexpired)
  • Picture ID with your former name (current or expired). No longer have a picture ID with your former name? No worries – most of the time we can look it up, but it may take a smidge longer.
  • Certified copy of a court document (e.g., marriage certificate, divorce decree, name change order) or social security card with your new name
  • Personal Information Changes and Requests (pdf)

Note that although we need the complete court ordered document we will only make a copy of the applicable pages and will return the official, certified copy back to you. For example, if you bring in a divorce decree, BECU typically retains a copy of just the first and last page, as well as the page noting the name change.

Remember, if you lost your former ID, BECU can still assist you in most cases, however, it speeds the process if you arrive with both IDs in hand.

Once you're ready to make the change, bring the documents listed above to a neighborhood financial center. You can even schedule ahead of time! Click here to make an appointment online.