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Curious about wills and trusts, and how they work?  What an executor or power of attorney does? How to plan for an unexpected illness? Or perhaps you're wondering what the pros and cons are with probate.  We paired up with experienced Trust Services team to deliver answers on these questions. 

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Quick Tips for Designing a Will

It's one of the most essential pieces of paperwork, yet most of us don't have one: a will. Get started with our guidelines and learn more by reading our article Quick Tips for Designing a Will

Why Your Choice of Trustee Matters

As you plan for your own and your family's financial future, you may be considering the creation of a trust. Learn more by reading our article Why Your Choice of Trustee Matters

Avoid Family Strife — Discuss Beneficiary Designations

Keep your will and beneficiary designations updated, discussing with loved ones how you want your assets distributed. Learn more by reading our article Avoid Family Strife — Discuss Beneficiary Designations

Gifts and Taxes: A Tutorial

You might be surprised at how much you can give away before the federal gift tax becomes an issue! Find out what you need to know in our article Understanding the Gift Tax Law

Coming across some terms you're not familiar with? Our Glossary will help you figure it out.

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