Trust Glossary: Common Trust Terms and What They Mean

Agent: A person who acts on another person's behalf.

Attorney In Fact: A person who is given written authorization to act on another person's behalf by a Power of Attorney Document.

Beneficiary: (1) The person for whose benefit a trust is created. (2) The person to whom assets of a financial account, insurance policy, or annuity is payable. The trustee and the beneficiary can be the same person.

Executor: An individual or a trust institution nominated in a will and appointed by a court to settle the estate.

Fiduciary: An individual or a trust institution charged with the duty of acting in the best interest of another party. Examples: trustees, executors and administrators.

Grantor: A person who creates a trust, such as a living trust, to become operative during his lifetime; also called donor, settlor, and trustor.

Irrevocable Trust: A trust that cannot be revoked by the settlor.

Probate (Verb): To present a will to the court for appointment of the executor or administrator.

Probate (Noun): Process of transferring title from a deceased person to their heirs at law.

Power of Attorney: A document authorizing the person named to act as agent, on behalf of another.

Revocable Trust: A trust that may be terminated by the settlor.

Remainderman: A person or entity whose rights are effective upon termination of a person or entity's rights.

Successor Trustee: A trustee following the original or a prior trustee.

Trust: A fiduciary relationship in which one person (the trustee) is the holder of the legal title to the trust property and the other person (beneficiary) retains a beneficial interest in the trust property.

Trustee: An individual or a trust institution which holds the legal title to property for the benefit of someone else.

Will: A legally enforceable declaration of a person's wishes in writing regarding matters to be attended to after his or her death.

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