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Marriott Data Breach

Marriott recently shared news of a data security incident that may affect as many as 500 million guests who made a reservation at a Starwood property.

Marriott recently shared news of a data security incident that may affect as many as 500 million guests who made a reservation at a Starwood property. For more details, including how to enroll with a monitoring service, please visit the Starwood Guest Reservation Database Security Incident web page.

What BECU Is Doing to Protect You
BECU is dedicated to protecting member data and is continually monitoring for suspicious and unauthorized account activity. We encourage all members to be proactive with their own account security. See below for tips on what you can do to stay protected and visit our Member Security page

How to Reduce the Risk of Identity theft and Card Fraud
Reduce the amount of data you share and with whom you share it

Only share information about yourself that is actually required and necessary. Reduce your online presence when you share your data, and call directly if you can. If a website requests information that is not critical, don't provide it (e.g., give a fake birthday, location or nickname). 

Do not give any personal information to people who call or email you directly asking for the information. Be comfortable challenging callers and then call the company directly when sharing personal information that is being requested. Trust, but verify.

Do not save your credit card number online  
If there is an option to save your credit card online, do not save it – enter it manually every time.  This may be a little inconvenient, but will reduce the possibility of your card being compromised. 

Use Chip ReadersWhen shopping, use the chip readers instead of swiping the cards, which provides an added layer of security.  Not every retailer supports the chip readers, so try to stick with retailers that do.

Use Cash 
When it's possible and seems safer, consider using cash instead of a card. 

What to Do if Your Data is Breached

  1. Take action to place on hold, replace or cancel any cards that become compromised. If you replace your cards, make sure the card numbers are not identical to the card that was compromised. Check to see if the card has been tampered with, especially the chip, for those that are mailed. If possible, go in person to the card issuer when obtaining a new card.  

  2. Don't wait for the company to tell you your data was breached – take action. If there's a possibility you used a credit card at any company that reports a breach, cancel it right away or put it on hold until you are certain your data was not compromised. 

  3. Monitor your bank and credit activity.
    Every month, validate any charges on your bank and credit card accounts to ensure that they are accurate. Challenge any unauthorized activity as soon as you discover it. 

  4. Monitor your credit history annually. Annual Credit Report is a free service that checks all three major credit bureaus once a year. Marriott is offering free credit monitoring – click here to learn more.

  5. Consider freezing your credit report after a breach. 

  6. If you believe your identity has been stolen, you can file an identity theft report with the FTC. This site also helps walk you through how to recover from identity theft. 

If you have additional questions about securing your personal information, please contact a BECU representative at 800.233.2328.

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