BECU employee at a giving event

Employee-Inspired Giving

BECU is committed to the credit union philosophy of people helping people. Through our BECU Cares program, we amplify, encourage and support engagement in the causes and communities our employees care about.

BECU Cares

BECU Cares is a suite of programs that rewards our employees' passions and community commitments by supporting employee volunteer activities, matching charitable donations, and recognizing outreach efforts. BECU Cares is managed by the Social Impact team at BECU.

BECU Cares Gift Match Program

BECU matches up to $7,500 a year, per employee, for donations made to eligible nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations. We also have a generous matching program for our retirees and Board Members. Our matching program is for BECU employees only; we are unable to match gifts for our members. However, our People Helping People Awards program honors member-nominated nonprofits that drive positive change. All members are invited to participate in this annual program by submitting nominations. Learn more at

BECU Volunteer Rewards Program

The BECU Cares Volunteer Rewards program allows employees to maximize the impact of their volunteering. Employees earn $15 an hour for volunteer time, which they may donate to eligible organizations.

BECU Community Time Off

Allowing our employees to volunteer during working hours is also important to us! Each full-time BECU employee receives 24 hours annually to follow their volunteer passion during their normal work day (part-time employees receive 12 hours per year).

BECU Board Service Rewards Program

BECU rewards employees who serve on an eligible 501(c)(3) nonprofit board of directors with a financial donation to be directed to the organization the employee serves, helping support their community involvement and increase their impact.

BECU Cares Team Volunteer Program

This program adds a layer of support for employees who gather coworkers (minimum 5) to participate in a shared volunteer activity. BECU provides benefits in the form of either reimbursement for supplies needed to complete the activity or a financial donation to the nonprofit, the total of which is based on the number of participating employees.