University of Washington

Partnering with the Purple (and Gold) 

BECU's ongoing collaboration with the University of Washington builds new and exciting ways for members, students and the community to acquire education, thrive as students and explore—even launch—new ideas into the world.

Advancing Equity

Working hand-in-hand with our Puget Sound neighbor is a convergence of community stewardship, inclusion and promotion of education and success for all, no matter one's background, status or financial standing. Increasing access to financial and human-resource services for diverse students enriches the experience for all attendees at the university, and BECU is a proud supporter of this initiative. Discover more about the Office of Minority Affairs & Diversity and the UW Alumni Association's MAP Bridging the GAP Breakfast.

Fueling Innovation

BECU and the UW celebrate the Pacific Northwest's incredible tech hub location, and together, offer exciting opportunities, including a Fintech competition sponsorship, idea incubator and coworking space. The BECU FinTech Incubator, powered by UW CoMotion provides a solution for motivated individuals - work space, resources, training, and potentially even support for qualified start-ups.

Inspiring Entrepreneurs

BECU is a proud sponsor of programs that assist motivated business persons, helping them develop their plans into action. We partner with BIG Consulting, a learning laboratory that provides students real-world consulting experience. Students pair up with local businesses and active professionals to put their ideas into action, ultimately finding a way to jumpstart their idea into action. Learn more about the BIG Consulting program and the Foster School of Business, Business Plan Competition.

Supporting Continued Learning

The UW is not only an elite university providing student access, but additional education for non-student community adult members. If you're a Washington state resident seeking a scholarship in a Continuing Education certificate, visit the university's Continuum College and scholarship opportunities that could help you achieve that education at little to no cost.