People Helping People Community

The BECU People Helping People community is an incredible network of past recipient organizations. This network formed organically as People Helping People Award (PHPA) recipients met at our annual celebration, and started to form working partnerships. This page exists to support the People Helping People community in making sure each organization has access to the funding opportunities available through the PHPA program, and in helping organizations make connections with each other.

This page is private. The URL has been shared only with past PHPA recipient organizations. Please do not share this URL or the information contained on this page with any organizations or individuals who are not part of the People Helping People community of past recipients.

Collaboration Grant

Nonprofit organizations that are past PHPA recipients are eligible to apply as fiscal agents for PHPA Collaboration Grants. The grant is a joint opportunity for two or more organizations to collaborate on a project. Please see the Collaboration Grant guidelines and official rules for additional eligibility requirements.

The 2020 Collaboration Grant application window is open from September 28 to October 26.

NEW IN 2020 - In response to the global pandemic, there are new requirements for the program this year:

  • The fiscal agent on the application must be a past recipient of PHPA. However, the other collaborators listed on the grant are not required to be past recipients. (All organizations listed on the application must be 501c3 nonprofit organizations.)
  • Discretionary points may be awarded for collaborations that focus on responses to COVID-19 and/or collaborations that include more than one past participant.

To apply for a Collaboration Grant, you will need to submit a proposal in response to the Collaboration Grant Guidelines.

Collaboration Grant Guidelines

Official Rules

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