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Complete this form to accept your invitation to start the process in becoming a merchant with the BECU Passport Unlimited program. We are honored to offer you this exclusive opportunity at no cost to you for the first year.

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**Minority and women-owned businesses were identified on the Washington State Office of Minority & Women's Business Enterprises directory.

Merchant cost of advertising with Passport is covered by BECU on the BECU platform only. Use of other Passport platforms by the merchant will be subject to Passport pricing, determined by Passport. BECU will pay for a one-year subscription to advertise on the discount site and may subsidize additional years on the BECU platform as long as BECU continues with the program. If BECU ends the Passport subsidy program, the merchant will have the opportunity to continue with Passport at Passport's market rate pricing. In order to receive one year of free advertising through Passport, the merchant must meet the minimum discount amount for the specific category ad determined by Passport. Any business that does not fit into the categories supported by Passport are ineligible for this offer (e.g., business to business, cannabis retailers, tattoo artists, unlicensed entities, etc.). A business becomes ineligible for free advertising on the BECU platform if/when they end their business membership with BECU, they are no longer considered a member in good standing, or are no longer eligible for BECU membership.