Chip Card Frequently Asked Questions

Say Hello to Increased Security

When will I receive my new credit card?

BECU has completed mailing new BECU Visa® EMV gold-chip credit cards for its consumer and business cardholders. Haven't received your new card? Call us! 800-233-2328.

When can I expect to receive a chip debit card?

New account holders received debit chip cards beginning in March 2016. All current cardholders will receive replacement chip-enabled debit cards in mid-2016.

***Traveling and need your replacement card sooner? Contact us (please limit your new card request to foreign travel only). All current cardholders will receive a chip-enabled replacement card.

What do I need to do to prepare?

Ensure your mailing address is updated in your BECU Online Banking account, then keep an eye out for BECU mail.

Updating your contact info is simple:

  • Log in to Online Banking:

  • Select “Edit Profile” (upper left-hand corner)

  • Select “Change Address/Telephone Number, update information, then click “Submit”

What should I do with my old card?

As soon as you activate your new card, your old card will be deactivated. Please destroy your old card once the new one is activated.

Do I need to update anything?

Your new card number and/or expiration date and security number may have changed. Be sure to update any recurring payment information, e.g.: online bills tied to your previous card, card information on file with online merchants, or information stored in a digital wallet (like Apple Pay).

How do I know when to insert or swipe my card?

If the merchant has an EMV terminal and accepts chip cards, you will be prompted to insert the card in a slot. If not, swipe the old-fashioned way. Some merchants have the readers but aren't yet set up for the technology; when in doubt, ask the sales clerk.

Do I need a pin to complete my purchase?

It depends on the merchant. Debit card users should know their PIN (forgot your PIN? Call 800-233-2328 or stop by your local BECU).

Why make the switch, anyway?

Chip cards are more secure. The chip securely stores the card data making it nearly impossible for a criminal to create a counterfeit chip card. The chip enables more secure processing by producing a one-time use code for each transaction.

Is everyone issuing a chip card?

The world is moving toward a chip-card planet, and for good reason: Chip cards resist fraudulent activity. More and more merchants will require payment with chip-card terminals.

Does it affect international travel?

No, only that paying should be even easier! The global community often requires chip-enabled cards.
Helpful reminder: It's always a good idea to notify BECU (simply refer to the number on the back of your card) when traveling, so we know to not flag international purchases as fraud!

Are there any situations where I could experience issues using my chip card?

Generally, no. You may run into problems at unattended terminals that require a PIN or international terminals that do not accept U.S. issued debit cards – those purchases may appear as “Transaction Cancelled.” Seek assistance when possible, and don't forget you can always call BECU!