Matt Woolcott

Matt Woolcott, Retail Market Development Manager

For this month's BECU Expert Q & A, we sat down with someone who is no stranger to waking up before the sun - to help make BECU-partnered events and activities come to life.

Meet Matt Woolcott, Retail Market Development Manager.

The Retail Market Development team works with local businesses and community organizations to foster BECU's growth through coordinating events, activities, and sponsorships. They also support new branch activities such as grand opening celebrations, various chamber of commerce networking events, or business to business outreach.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?

I love being out in the community and love to support things that our members care about. I regularly get approached and thanked for being there, and sometimes I think to myself how amazing this job is and how special we are to people's lives. I've had several community partners reach into their purse or their wallet, just to show me their BECU debit or credit card. It's rewarding to work for an organization that impacts so many people's lives in such a special way.

Anything upcoming that we can look forward to?

The team is currently working on coordinating the new Covington NFC grand opening celebration, on September 4th from 2-4pm. All are welcome! This celebration is in addition to the several community festivals we will be attending. Look for the BECU red tent and come by for some fun giveaways and learn more about what BECU has to offer!
The team is also working on several infrastructure-related projects to help improve the member and staff experience as it relates to marketing campaigns and promotions.

What is a fun fact about the work your team does?

We have gotten fairly used to the "one-off/get it done" mentality that comes with community events. We regularly find ourselves waking up before the sun is out to meet a 6 or 7 a.m. to set up at an event. We've driven across town (and even the state!) to get supplies to an event in need.  We learned fairly early on to lift with our knees, and we have all become masters at Tetris by fitting items into our personal or BECU owned vehicles. Sometimes we have two or three outfit changes in a day, starting with professional attire, athletic wear for moving boxes and loading equipment, and then formal wear for a fundraising event. Our team members step up and take the lead no matter the circumstance.

What is your favorite BECU memory so far?

The best BECU memory so far is a recent one! I was so proud of our presence in this year's Seattle Pride Parade. We put several hours into building a float where we featured DJ Trent Von and several energetic dancers, including our VP of Brand Strategy! The group had so much fun dancing and showing our support for Pride.